Help Support Mirrorless Photo Tips

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

“I get by with a little help from my friends”— Lennon & McCartney

I’ve mentioned it before but it’s worth repeating: Mirrorless Photo Tips is a labor of love for all concerned. While founded by Mark Toal and myself, the heart of the blog has been the selfless contributions of its writers.

Barry Staver has been with us since almost the beginning; his son Matt also contributes posts from time-to-time. Mildred Alpern is the blog’s poet, with her musical posts and images of the city giving a perspective to a Country Mouse like me. Ken MacAdams is an amazing travel writer and I’ve enjoyed his trips around the country and the world. Milo Hess and George Shubin use the new Wordless Wednesday posts to open our eyes to creative possibilities.

All this does not happen by magic. It’s because of the work of people behind the scenes, such a system administrator Tim Fieldler, without whose efforts Mirrorless Photo Tips would not exist. Then there’s the domain registrar and hosting service and all of these people and companies must be paid. For most of this blog’s existence, I’ve funded it out of my pocket but I can no longer afford to do this. Although we have paid advertisers—thank you for supporting them—we currently have a shortfall and I’m asking for your help, if you can afford it.

Like a PBS pledge break, we have a goal—$350—as well as gifts for your donations.

  • $5 contributions will be eligible for a drawing to receive a signed copy of one of my books, if we reach our goal.
  • $15 contributions will receive an Original LensPen*.
  • $25 contributions will receive a Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket**.
  • $50 more will receive LensPen PhotoPro Kit* and be eligible for the drawing to receive a signed copy of one of my books, if we reach our goal.



As soon as we achieve our goal, this fundraiser will end. To donate via PayPal, click the Support Us button at right and follow the instructions. If you don’t belong to PayPal, click the contact button and I will send you an address to mail a check.

Mark and I and all the blog’s contributors thank you for your support.

*The fine print: While supplies last. Think Tank product shipment has been delayed because of California wildfires.