The Last Post: End of the Road

Today’s Final Post by Joe Farace

On January 1 2018, I announced via my Instagram feed—if you’re not following me there please do It’s @joefarace—that I was taking a hiatus from blogging to focus on my personal photography. That hiatus ended and while I’ve started blogging again, it’s somewhere else and with some differences.

I’m no longer Editor or contributor to the Mirrorless Photo Tips blog. After today there will be no new posts added to this blog and URL. As we move my other sites to a new host, this blog will remain on-line temporarily as an archive of four year’s worth of posts. Sometime in the very near future it will disappear.

I launched a new blog that’s an integral part of my website that will be adding an increased focus on mirrorless photography. To see what’s up, click this link

I’ve relaunched my car photography blog with more emphasis on the world of cars and car shows as well as car photography.

Mirrorless Photo Tips was a labor of love for all concerned but it did not happen by magic. It was because of the work of many people without whose behind-the-scenes efforts Mirrorless Photo Tips would not have existed. But none of this was free. There were the costs for the domain registrar, hosting service, website security, system administration and all of these people and companies had to be paid. Since its beginnings, I have personally funded this blog out of my own pocket but can no longer afford to do so.

Although we had advertisers they do not contribute enough to make the blog self-supporting. Last year, we tried having a fund raiser and while on a typical day the blog gets 40,000 or more visitors, only ten people contributed and so we fell short of even a modest goal to keep us afloat. And in the time since the last new post on December 29 no “angels” have come forth to rescue the blog.

And so, we have come to the end of the road. I hope you enjoy what you will find on the my new blog and many thanks for all your support over the past four years.