Happy Thanksgiving and Fundraiser Update

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

Thanksgiving in North America originated from European and Native American traditions as a time for people to rejoice after a hard day’s work. This blog and the Web is a way that all of us can share our thoughts and images with others, no matter where they may be on this planet. Over the years I’ve made great friends that I would have never have known except for the Internet and it’s why I want to take this day to give thanks.

Thank You to everyone who contributed to our recent fundraiser—you know who you are. Even though we did not reach our goal, we achieved 93% of it and with your help were able to pay many of our bills. If all our advertisers renew for 2018 we should be OK but in the world we live in that is not a sure thing. If you have the time and the inclination, please drop these companies an e-mail thanking them for supporting the blog. If you’re not comfortable doing that, think about them the next time you need to make a photography-related purchase.

Thanks to the people who make this blog possible (in alphabetical order): Mildred Alpern, Tim Fiedler, Ken MacAdams, Barry Staver, Matt Staver, Mark Toal and Jamie Zartman. Their efforts, including Ken’s filing posts from halfway around the world, make the blog worth reading and all these people are a personal inspiration to me. We’ve also had some really great contributors to Wordless Wednesday, including Bob Coates, Alan Deakins, Milo Hess, Dave Hutchinson and George Shubin. You are all my heroes for your selfless commitment to make this blog what it is.

In January 2018 the blog will begin its fifth year of operation and I’m sure that Mark feels like I do—we can hardly believe this has happened already. But it all happened because of the people who I want to thank the most—YOU. Yes, you, the readers have made it possible for this plucky little mirrorless blog that like the trains that Mark and I love to become “The Little Engine That Could.”