Garage Sale

This new section of the blog will be a place that will be exactly like it sounds: It will be a place were Mark and Joe—as well as Barry, Millie, Matt and Jamie will be selling cameras, lenses, speedlights and other equipment that they no longer need or use. All photographs will be of the actual items, no stock photos will be used as is so often the case with so many eBay items. But first a mention of the condition of the gear itself:

When it comes to caring for photo equipment, there seem to be three kinds of photographers: This first group of people are the Oscar Madisons of photography. At the opposite extreme is (obviously) Felix Unger. Between these two extremes lie most of us, but Joe will confess to Unger-like impulses about caring for his photo equipment. You can read about this more, along with some tips on cleaning lenses, on his photography blog.

Look for more information real soon now…