My WiFi Workflow

From the Best of Mark Toal

I’ve written before about using in-camera Wi-Fi to transfer photos from your camera to your phone. I frequently use it to get photos to my iPhone so I can post them on Facebook, Instagram, etc. A recent trip to Yellowstone National Park really brought home how useful this feature is.

Dusty Buffalo

As my co-worker, Rick, and I drove through Yellowstone I shot photos and 4K video with the Panasonic Lumix FZ300 camera. The image of the “Dusty Buffalo” is a single frame of 4K video. I wasn’t sure what the Buffalo was doing when I saw it rolling on the ground like a dog so I decided to a short 4K video hoping that he would end up in an interesting pose which it did. I reviewed the video on the FZ300’s LCD and grabbed the single JPEG frame in the camera. I then used Wi-Fi to connect the camera to my phone and transferred the photo and adjusted it in my favorite app Snapseed. When we got to Old Faithful and in cell phone range I posted the image on Facebook and Instagram.

Raven The photo of the Raven was taken through the car window. The large bird landed on the fence post as we were pulling out of a parking lot. I zoomed out and grabbed the shot. Again I transferred it to my phone added some warmth and contrast in Snapseed and uploaded it.

I also use this workflow when I’m at dinner by myself or in my hotel room. I transfer the images to my iPad and adjust them in Snapseed. I often find Snapseed lets me adjust an image better than Lightroom. A larger tablet just might replace my desktop computer for photo editing.