Mirrorless Q&A: Camera Brands

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

For some time, Mark & I have been planning to have a podcast to answer questions from Mirrorless Photo Tips readers but the latest cost estimate to accomplish this was prohibitively expensive and because we’re not close to breaking even running this blog, we can’t afford it at the present time. That’s one of the reasons the Support Us button was added. However, If you are tech savvy and would like to donate your time to help Mark and I get a podcast off the ground, please click Contact.

With that out of the way, I decided to write a post or series of posts answering some of the most frequently asked question that we receive here on the blog. At some time in the future, maybe we’ll create a formal FAQ page.


Q: Why do most of your posts feature Olympus and Panasonic cameras?

A: That’s the number one question we get and it’s an easy one to answer—because that’s what most of us shoot. Mark and Barry shoot Panasonic exclusively. I shoot both Pany and Olympus. Jamie shoots Oly and Fuji as does our newest Blogger, Mildred. If you saw my post,Would You Like to Write for MPT?“ I asked for people who owned other camera systems to consider contributing posts to the blog but only one person did. The offer is still open. Hey, it’s easier to do than you think and I’ll help.


To be fair, other camera systems have been featured in reviews on the blog: Before they stopped making them, Samsung loaned us an NX-1 that was featured both here and my car blog. We have tested the occasional Leica model, although not through Leica’s generosity but that of B&H Photo. Thank you, Izzy. Since we started this blog, I’ve asked people that I know at the other camera companies to lend us gear for review and while they always send polite responses, they haven’t sent any cameras or lenses. If you would like to see a certain kind or brand of cameras reviewed, we’ll ask them on your behalf. Lately Sony has indicated interest in my reviewing their gear, so it’s possible we’ll get one of their cameras to test.

So until we get our podcast on line, please click the Contact button to ask your questions and Mark or I will answer them, as forthright and honestly as we can.