A Little Help From Friends

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” —McCartney & Lennon

Today’s Post by Joe Farace, photos by Mark Toal

You may have noticed something new in the right-hand column: A donate button. We are kindly asking you to click it and donate a few bucks via PayPal to support this blog.

Man at top of tram

You may be wondering about the ads. They do not begin to cover the annual cost of domain registration and hosting and that’s only part of the expenses of running this blog. There’s lots more expenses behind the scenes. These include paying someone to keep it running and fixing problems that pop up unexpectedly. Neither Mark nor Barry nor Jamie or I make a single penny from this blog—we do it for the love of mirrorless photography—but the behind-the-screens people and companies that make it work expect and should be paid for their efforts.

We’re not PBS and we’re not going to make this a regular appeal and try to make you feel guilty for not donating. Not everyone can afford it or has the extra cash. For some readers part of their joy is perusing photo blogs like ours and we won’t take that away. But if you have five bucks or more that you can donate, it will help “keep us on the air.” Neither Mark nor I will use your donations for boat payments (neither of us has one anyway.) All and I repeat all of the money donated will only go for expenses to keep us running.

Grafetti in burned building 2-13

Maybe someday we’ll be completely advertiser supported but not now. If you own a company that would like to advertise with us, we have space for at least two more and if we can get three new advertisers, we may be able to eliminate the donate button. Maybe you or a friend works for a photo-oriented company that might want to advertise here. If so, please have them contact me for details.

Thanks again for all the kind comments via e-mail and the many people that come up to Mark and I telling us how much they like Mirrorless Photo Tips. If it’s at all possible for you to donate a few dollars, all of us writers and readers alike would like to say a resounding thank you.