Mirrorless Photo Tips T-Shirts?

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

The subtitle of my car photography website/blog is “the home of Tortuga Racing” and I often receive e-mail asking, What is Tortuga Racing? The short answer is Tortuga Racing was started in 2001 by Mary and Joe Farace and consisted of the cars we raced—a Mazda Miata and VW GTI 337— and in case you didn’t know tortuga is Spanish for turtle, which gives you some idea of the type of racers we were and are.

What’s that got to do with mirrorless photography or the Mirrorless Photo Tips Blog? For some time, Mark and I have been trying to find a screen printer that makes small runs of T-shirts at affordable prices but so far no luck.

For the Tortuga Racing T-shirts, tank tops, like the one that aspiring model Laura Bachmayer is wearing above, I found a talented graphic designer in Las Vegas who came up with the logo who was happy to make small runs of different products, including shorts. Then his shop was acquired by a larger company and they weren’t interested in making small quantities for me.

Mark and I would I like to make T-shirts for Mirrorless Photo Tips. If you are a screen printer, know somebody who is or can recommend anyone who can do short runs of shirts, please drop me an e-mail at joefarace at gmail dot com or click the Contact button at the top of the page. I’ll make sure you get one of the new shirts when they are made.

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