Why I Always Carry A Camera; Capturing The Mood

Today’s Post by Mark Toal

I love photographs that not only capture the way a scene looks, but how it feels. In this photo taken on the Kingston Ferry in Washington State I was feeling a little down because summer was ending and the dark gray fall and winter in the Northwest was beginning. I was framing the scene of the dark clouds over the deck of the ferry when two kids ran by. My dark gloomy scene had been changed with the contrast of these two kids having fun on the ferry ride.


7-14mm The photo was taken with my favorite combination of the Panasonic Lumix 7-14mm lens and a small light camera body, in this case the Lumix G7.

I always have the camera that I’m carrying with me set to Intelligent Auto (IA) or Program with Auto ISO so that I am ready for scenes like this that happen so quickly. All I need to do is zoom and hit the shutter button.

Yes, I also had an iPhone 6s in my pocket, but by time I got it out and turned on the camera the kids would have been long gone.