What Kind of Photographer Are You?

From the Best of Mark Toal

Somebody recently asked me this question and initially I didn’t know how to answer. I described the type of photos that I shoot and they replied “you’re an opportunist photographer.” At first I was taken aback by the label but I realized that it’s probably true. Once in a while I set out to take a photo in a particular place or at a time of day. Nowadays just carry a camera with me all the time and shoot photos of what I see around me.

When I was younger I felt the need to find my style of photography. I saw that all the famous photographers shot more specific subjects like landscape, portraits, flowers, etc. At my age I don’t expect to be discovered as a great photographer; I just enjoy taking photos. Facebook and Instagram will probably be my only claim to fame. As I let go of trying to impress others or figure out what I think people want to see I love photography more than ever. I’m free to shoot whatever I want and as long as Facebook doesn’t add a “don’t like” button I’m safe.

Enjoy photography, shoot whatever catches your eye and try not to think what anybody else thinks about your images.