What is a Cine lens?

From the Best of Mark Toal

P9990419-Edit-Edit Everyday m irrorless camera are becoming more popular for shooting video the Cine lens is getting more notice. Cine lenses have been around for as long as movies have been made but there are new, less expensive ones coming out almost monthly for mirrorless cameras.

A Cine lens is similar to a lens for still photos like we’re all used to. The difference in a Cine lens is that they have “click-less” aperture or f-stops plus geared focusing and aperture rings. The reason for the click-less aperture is that in video you need to change aperture smoothly so you don’t notice the exposure change in the video. The geared focus and aperture rings allow for smooth transitions when changing focus and exposure that is usually done manually for video



At the National Association of Broadcasters show I was able to borrow a Cine lens that made by Veydra. Veydra makes a line of Cine lenses for Micro Four-thirds cameras I didn’t have time to shoot any video, but the still photo of the model in as taken with the Veydra Mini Prime 25mm T2.2 Imperial Cinema Lens.

Rokinon also makes a great line of inexpensive Cine and still photo lenses that are available for Micro Four-thirds camera. If you getting more interested in shooting video, I suggest that you check out Cine lenses.