Welcome to Mirrorless Photo Tips

Welcome to Mirrorless Photo Tips: The blog’s goal is to provide you with useful and practical tips for using mirrorless cameras to make photographs and have fun while doing it. We’re not a hardware blog reporting on new cameras and rumors about a new camera following the one the company just launched yesterday. Nope. There’s no traditional camera reviews here either because there’s plenty of places to find that kind of information but when we do feature new cameras and hardware, it will be within the context of actually using them to make photographs accessing the many features that mirrorless camera bring the word of digital photography. We are, when it’s all said and done a “How To” blog and want to talk about how to use these tools to capture the soul of photography, that’s why our tag line is “Exploring the Soul of Photography.”

Mark Toal, Joe Farace

Each work day, Monday through Friday, we’ll have a new post on how to use all of the different kinds of tools that are available and will include links where you can find more information about them. When I say we, this blog is a team effort. Mirrorless Photo Tips sprung from the minds of Mark Toal and Joe Farace, two photographers who happen to that think mirrorless cameras not only embody the soul of photography but also its future. That’s why every Wednesday is “How I Made This Photo” day, where a new image will be shown along with all details, lens, camera, exposure data as well as what was going on in the photographer’s mind when they made the image.

Joining Mark and Joe from time to time will be Mary Farace, former professional photographer and now avid amateur shooter, who brings her own perspective to the mix. A Nikon shooter, Mary calls her V1 mirrorless camera, her “art camera” because she feels it unleashes her inner artist.

You’ll also be seeing an occasional posts from guest photographers who will share their own vision including mirrorless camera tips, tools and techniques that go into translating that viewpoint into a photograph — or even a video clip. Because mirrorless camera are the perfect platform for “hybrid” photography, you’ll also read about video here on Mirrorless Photo Tips. So welcome to the blog, join in the discussion by sending comments and suggestions via our Contact page, and please tell your friends about us.—Mark Toal & Joe Farace