Video Thursday: The Panasonic Lumix GH4

Disclaimer: I work for Panasonic and this post, in no way, is meant as a review of the new Lumix GH4 Micro Four-thirds mirrorless camera.

Lumix GH4

I believe that the Panasonic Lumix GH4 represents the most advanced still/video camera combination to date. In addition to having a new sensor and processing engine for still photos, the GH4 will shoot extremely high quality 4K video. In my mind there is no doubt that 4K is the future of video. (See my post on 4K.)

In the same way digital cameras have gone from two megapixels to more than 30 megapixels, video needs to make the next jump in resolution. 4K TV’s are available everywhere and Netflix will shortly be streaming 4K video. 4K video also allows you to grab an eight-megapixel still file from the 30 frames per second video rate.

If you have a higher resolution computer monitor you can view the 4K video below on YouTube. Make sure you choose the 2160P setting and then turn on full screen viewing. It looks amazing and this isn’t even full 4K quality.

I think the Lumix GH4 represents how Micro Four-thirds cameras are built for professionals. This began with the GH3 about a year ago and continues with the GH4 and Olympus OM-D E-M1. From the tough weatherproof bodies, fast burst shooting, accessories like battery grips and wireless flashes, MFT cameras can replace any digital SLR in almost any situation. Digital SLR sales are falling and mirrorless cameras are rising and cameras like the GH4 are the reason. —Mark Toal