Using Monopods for Video

Benro VideoMonopod Today’s Post by Mark Toal

I was teaching a video class recently and I suggested that a “three legged monopod” is a perfect accessory for shooting video. I was trying to describe a fairly new type of monopod that has three folding feet that can be lowered to stabilize the monopod better for video.

When you start shooting video you will quickly find that you can’t hold the camera steady enough without producing distracting camera movement. I’ve never been a big fan of tripods; I feel like they slow me down—unless I’m shooting video in the studio.

Sirui swivel When I shot the above video I didn’t know if the steam train was going to move or not while I was there. I was taking still photos using the monopod with the feet folded up to steady the camera on a dark foggy morning. When the train started to move I quickly folded the feet down and stood on one of them to keep the monopod from moving.

There are several brands to choose from. I’ve used the Benro, Sirui and Manfrotto models and like each of them. I would suggest you choose what fits your budget and whether you want carbon fiber or aluminum. For another point-of-view, here’s what Joe had to say about the Sirui.