Using Apps for Your Mirrorless Photos

I know that some people look at mirrorless cameras and say “how can you get a good image with that small sensor, don’t real men shoot full frame.” Well I guess we all need to have something to look down on and that’s how I see cell phone cameras.

Tangled-MToal 1

Although, I have discovered that I do like to use photo Apps on my iPad and iPhone to adjust photos. I find the images captured with my cell phone to be soft and I find the cell phone hard to use and slow for anything other than quick snapshots.

Tiny Planets-MToal

My solution is to use the built in Wi-Fi in my Panasonic camera to transfer the photos to my iPad or iPhone. In case you need a refresher on connecting Wi-Fi check out this video.

Two of my favorite Apps are Tangled and Tiny Planets. Tangled gives you choice of brush strokes to apply to an image and Tiny Planet makes if look like your looking at your image from space or from below. Both Apps are inexpensive and a lot of fun.—Mark Toal