In the Studio with Lumix G5

Westcott striplight setup The Flashpoint 180 is a compact battery powered 180 Ws monolight that is designed either for studio on-location use. The 180 monolight head itself weighs less than two pounds. A knob on the back of the monolight lets you adjust output steplessly from 1/16 to full power over a five-stop range. This lightweight (seven pounds) kit includes everything you need but a lightstand to start shooting, including a case to carry it all in.





Westcott striplight setup

1/125 sec at f/8 and ISO 200

For this shot, a 12×36-inch Westcott Strip Softbox with silver interior is attached to a Bowens-compatible speed ring and is placed at camera left. A 32-inch Flashpoint reflector is at camera right but all during the session I moved it in and out of shoots looking for a more dramatic look that I finally achieved. A Savage Infinity Photo Gray vinyl background is suspended by an old set of JTL background stands and photographs much darker due to the directionality of the Westcott Strip Softbox.

No reflector was used in the final shot creating which showing the 12×36-inch Westcott Strip Softbox at its most directional creation a theatrical look. The lens used with the Lumix G5 was an Olympus Digital Zuiko 45mm f/1.8. Nik Silver Efex was used to convert the portrait to monochrome and Nik’s Color Efex Glamour Glow filter was added to produce a Hollywood style.—Joe Farace