The Search For Inspiration

Today’s Post by Mark Toal

Sometimes I have a hard time staying inspired to keep taking photos when I see all the amazing images on-line these days. My goal is to constantly find new things to photograph or at least a new way to photograph them. When you look at Flickr or Google+ everything seems to have been photographed from every angle.

Chelsea Hotel

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for Panasonic lately: I’ve been from Tokyo to Tumwater, WA and New York for Photo Plus. There isn’t much time for photography on these trips, which is where the small Mirrorless camera comes in. It fits in my jacket pocket, doesn’t’ take up much room on the dinner table and is very easy to carry with me all the time.

Barbie Dream Hearse

Both of theses photos were taken after dinner on business trips. Just when I thought there was nothing more to photograph a Barbie Dream Hearse parks right on front of the restaurant. If that’s not an omen to keep shooting, I don’t know what is.