The Nerdographer at Work and Play

Last week I was shooting with two new Panasonic point-and-shoot cameras. The Lumix FZ70 has a 20mm-1200mm zoom lens and the other is a pocket camera, the Lumix LF1. The LF1 has Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) built in. Not only did I shoot almost 3000 photos and a couple of hours of video I applied filters to the images within the LF1 and then sent them to my iPhone via Wi-Fi and uploaded them to Facebook. I loved every minute of it and it wears me out to just write about it.

At the same time Adobe Lightroom told me that my hard disk where I store my images was too full and that I couldn’t add any more images to my current catalog.

Zoom Vista house final

Don’t get me wrong, I love all this technology but it got me wondering if it’s distracting me from the images that I’m trying to take. No, I’m not going back to film but I decided to go back to my one camera, one lens philosophy. I got out my Lumix GH3 with my favorite lens, the Lumix 7-14mm. The photo of Vista House on the Columbia River Gorge was made with the 7-14mm lens from a trip a few years ago.—Mark Toal