The Camera That’s Always With You

Because I work for Panasonic I frequently get the question “why should I shoot Micro Four-thirds?” The person usually shoots with a Canon or Nikon digital SLR with a larger sensor and they want to tell me about the better quality and higher ISO they can shoot their camera. My answer is simple “Micro Four-thirds allows you to always have a camera with you” as you can see in the photo below.

Portrait, Micro Four-thirds For 30 years I used Nikon film and digital SLR’s. They were all beautiful cameras and lenses but heavy when compared to MFT cameras. Five years ago I started shooting with smaller Micro Four-thirds cameras and my photography started to change. Now I almost always have a camera with me. The Nikon was only with me if I was going out to “shoot photos”.

Last week I was visiting Lydia and her mother, Shannon, when somebody came in with a dead owl they had found on the side of the road. I know this sounds macabre but if you’ve never seen an Owl this close it’s amazing. I grabbed my Lumix GX7 and asked Lydia to hold the Owl in front of her and I snapped the photo.

Even if you can’t part with your SLR get a small, mirrorless camera so you don’t miss the shot,