Swivel and Touch LCD Mirrorless Shooting

From the Best of Mark Toal

GH3 LCD with Audrey

Panasonic Lumix GH3 Last week, t he articulating, touch sensitive LCD screen on my Panasonic Lumix GH3 saved me during a photo shoot.

Have you ever tried to photograph a three year old that doesn’t want her photo taken while a security guard tries to tell you that you can’t shoot photos at an outdoor shopping center?

This is where a Micro Four-thirds camera is invaluable. I assured the security guard I wouldn’t include any identifiable stores in my photos and that Audrey was my granddaughter (she’s not), but Audrey still didn’t want to have any part of sitting still for me.

Every time I put the camera up to my eye Audrey would take off in the other direction. I swiveled the LCD so that I could hold the camera low at Audrey’s level and used the touch screen to focus and shoot. She either didn’t know I was taking her photo or she was humoring me, but either way I got the photos that I wanted.