SpiderLight Hand Strap for Mirrorless Cameras

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

The SpiderPro Hand Strap is designed for pro SLRs camera bodies and shooting environments and the buzz around the water color is that it had excellent ergonomics. Today the company is launching a kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the SpiderLight Hand Strap that brings all of the features of the pro hand strap to the world of mirrorless cameras.


  • Here are some of the SpiderLight Hand Strap features that should appeal to mirrorless shooters.
  • Most importantly it’s easy to get your hand in and easily and quickly
  • It works with any tripod
  • The strap has an S-curve shape puts your hand “in a perfect shooting position”
  • It doesn’t block anything and offers easy access to your camera controls
  • The strap is quick to get on and off your camera
  • Build quality is sturdy; it feels great and “looks beautiful”
  • And for us, it includes adapters for compatibility with all leading mirrorless cameras

I was able to get one of the red-trimmed straps (as shown in the photograph) and will be issuing an updated report to let you know how it does in the field. The available trim colors will be: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple and Black for a low key look. What I can tell you right now is that it is really nice looking and appears extremely well made