Sony Shooters: How to Replace the Plastic Lens Mount

A Public Service Announcement for Sony Shooters

Lots of people like Sony’s line of NEX (E-Mount) cameras; at last summers Castle Rock PhotoWalk, we had one reader show up with a full compliment of Sony gear. But they have one flaw. The two-part lens mount has one part that’s made out of plastic. Yup, you read that right—plastic. That’s why when you attach a lens, especially a heavy one, the lens is able to move, not an especially desirable trait.

Fotodiox, a company whose lens adapters we like here at Mirrorless Photo Tips has produced a ($39.95) TOUGH E-Mount modification kit that lets you replace the original two-piece NEX mount on their camera with an all-metal one in about five minutes. All you need is a Phillips-head jewelers screwdriver to remove and replace four little screws. Fotodiox created a video to show how easy it is:

This post is being presented without the typical “promotional consideration provided by” because we like the product and think that our Sony-shooting readers might find it useful.