Shutterbug How-To Guide Features Mirrorless

HTG.14.coverJust in time for National Photo Month, the annual Shutterbug special Digital Photography How-To Guide is on newsstands now ($5.99) or you can order a copy by calling 800-8293340. It has two features, that I wrote, and think readers will be interested in:

  • How to Set Up a Custom Setting to allow you to shoot black and white (or even sepia!) with just a quick twist of a dial atop your camera. It shows all of the menu setting needed to accomplish this plus some examples of images shot with my Panasonic Lumix G5.
  • Give Old Life to New Lenses is a look at using adapters to let you use all kinds of lenses on your mirrorless cameras. There’s even a brief guide showing the name of companies and their websites who make adapters.

There are also eight other articles that make the Digital Photography How-To Guide a good read including: Stan Trzoniec’s “Gearing Up for Landscape Photography” and “Backpacking Your Gear” by Josh Miller, both of which are mush reads for landscape photographers. So pick up a copy today.