Show Up, Pay Attention… and Carry One Camera and Lens

Today’s Post by Mark Toal

Since writing my first one camera, one lens trip blog a couple of years ago I have followed my advice in many of my travels. This trip was back to Las Vegas for yet another trade show for Panasonic.


The reason that I say “show up and pay attention” is that most people aren’t very good at this. If you’re a photographer you need to be looking around you and talking less. Staying in the present moment is not an option if you want to capture your environment. Think of it as a version of walking meditation. Pay attention to your environment and be in the present. Stop talking about what this reminds you of and experience it in a new way.


On this recent trip I decided to take my smallest camera and lens, the Panasonic GF6 and 12-32mm kit lens. The photos here were taken as a group of us walked to a restaurant for dinner.

I frequently get asked, “where did you see that?” by other people in the group that I was with when I took the photo.