Shooting “Purple Flames Prowler”

Special Guest Post by Jamie Zartman

Plymouth Prowler

Every February I try to make it down (from Colorado) to Florida for a little warmth and to visit the annual Ferrari Club Car Show in Naples, Florida. With literally millions of dollars of cars on display, block after block after block, the photo opportunities are everywhere, and so are the people. On one of the side streets that’s relegated to street rods, the brilliant purple flames of a Prowler really stood out to me.

I selected Aperture mode on my Olympus EM-1 and waited for some spectators to move on and made the above photograph using an Olympus 12-40 f2.8 MFT lens (at 23mm.) Exposure was 1/105 sec at f/2.8 (wide open) and ISO 200. I then used Lightroom 5.3 in post-production, starting with one of Trey Ratcliff’s HDR presets, “A Good Start” and then made some slight adjustments to the sliders to produce the results you see here.—Jamie Zartman