Shoot with Mark & Joe In Denver in April

This not not an April Fool’s joke…

Mark Toal will be in Denver on Saturday April 23 & Sunday April 24 for Doors Open Denver 2016. This will be Photo Walking Tours of Downtown Denver sponsored by Mikes Camera.


The crew from Mike’s Camera along with Technical Representatives from camera and lens manufacturers, including Mark Toal, will guide you through a scenic tour capturing some of Downtown Denver’s most remarkable sites and architecture. You can use your own gear or test drive free loaner gear provided by Mike’s Camera and the participating vendors. Want to shoot a GX8? This is your chance.

You’ll enjoy a brief presentation on photographic principles and gain historical insight about street photography, both people and architecture. The seminars will review the following topics:

  • Composition
  • Perspective and Point of View
  • Tips for Capturing Interiors
  • Tips for Capturing Dramatic Exteriors
  • Tips for Capturing Details

Tickets are required to participate and are limited to 30 individuals per group.

I hope to join in one of the groups, probably on Sunday and Mary Farace, may join us too. Hope to see you there. As we get closer to the date, I’ll post what group and which day we will be participating in. Mark will be there for all the events.