Seeing Graphically

Today’s Post by Milo Hess

People sometimes ask me “How do I see things like this?” Diagonals, lines, shapes, geometry, textures, in your face imagery and the like have always held a fascination for me.

Coming from an art/design background it’s just natural that i gravitate towards this in my photography…whether abstract, documentary, lifestyle, street or photojournalism. In all honestly it’s not something I think about before I press the shutter…It just happens. I like dramatic composition in my photographs and try for it when possible. I see photography and design as one not making any distinction between the two. Whether it’s a viewfinder or an LCD screen of a mirrorless camera I just try and fill that blank canvas.

About Milo Hess.

Former NYC TV station art director now with freelance corporate Fortune100 design clients. Media credentialed photojournalist shooting for weekly NYC newspapers/magazines. Former Olympus Visionary, former Samsung Imagelogger, Honorary Panasonic Luminary. Partner in CapturedColor Photography shooting lifestyle, portrait, event photography. Recipient of 5 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Design and numerous NY Press Association Awards for news photography.