Photography and Social Media

Today’s Post by Mark Toal

Facebook I’ve run into a few photographers lately who tell me that they don’t have any interest in Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc. When I ask why the answer usually involves not wanting to see photos of what people are eating for dinner or hearing their political views. As a photographer I think they are missing out on seeing some of the best photographs being made and keeping up on new trends and styles.

I do agree about the food photos and political views but people who chronically do this can easily be unfollowed on all the web sites. The choice of what to see is yours.

I follow a lot of my favorite photographers on Facebook and Instagram. Almost every photographer will have a Facebook page. Instagram is where I look for more contemporary photography. Flickr is where a lot of photographer friends share photos and has very little text and no political views. More photographs are being taken than any time in history and the Internet is the place to see them.





Instagram Photography books as beautiful as many of them are today are dying out. How many of us have the time to go to an art gallery or have one nearby? (Joe’s suggestion, make the time, take the trip, you’ll be glad you did.)

If you want to get your feet wet and just look around I would suggest Flickr. Again if you just want to look and not necessarily post anything Facebook is a good choice. Send friend requests to your favorite photographers and selected friends. You are not required to share what you ate for dinner or anything else. Pretty soon I bet that you will be posting new photos.

Personally I don’t post or respond to political posts. I try to just stick to photography.