Photographing the Magic Bus

Today’s Post by Jamie Zartman


I recently had to drive to Montrose, Colorado, and noticed an interesting bus sitting near the highway. The light was really flat and I wanted to put some ‘magic” in the photos of this bus. I grabbed my always ready Panasonic LX100 and took a few photos.


EFX.busWhile processing in post, I turned to one of the recently free Nik software applications, Color Efex Pro 4 and selected the Solarization filter. Solarization will dramatically shift the colors in a photo, and I thought it would definitely add some psychedelic pop to the photos of this magic bus.

I selected method 3 and moved the time slider to 27% and saturation to 85%. Note that moving the time slider can dramatically shift the colors in a photo and you need to play with it and the different color methods to find a combination you like. Now I have a truly “magic bus”. All I need now is a printer with some black light ink! Peace and Love!


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