New Year’s Resolution: Always Carry a Camera

Today’s Post by Mark Toal

I feel like I’m always writing or talking about why mirrorless cameras allow you always have a camera with you. The other day I had another great example.


I’m the photographer for one of the steam trains that lives here in Portland, Oregon—the SP&S 700. The steam train pulls the Holiday train during December so I brought my granddaughter for her first train ride. I had considered just bringing my iPhone to take photos on the ride but just felt naked without my mirrorless camera.


As we got off the train one of the other volunteers working that day said that had an open spot in the cab for the next train. Without hesitating I got in the cab of the steam train and off we went as I took video and stills with my GH4 and 12-35mm lens. I’ve waited two years for a chance to ride in the cab and the GH4 got it all.