Making a Happy Birthday Selfie

Special Post by Mark Toal

Photo booth When I was younger I used to have my photo taken in a ‘four for $1.00’ photo booth every year on my birthday. Over the years the photo booths have disappeared except for trendy spots like the Ace Hotel located here in Portland, OR.

I recently bought a Panasonic GF6 that has a selfie LCD that swivels around so you can see yourself as you shoot and started taking self-portrait’s again. I prefer to use the term self-portrait and wrote a blog post about the art of self portraits a little while ago. This new camera is making me take another look at myself.

Tip from Joe: The best book I’ve read on self-portraits is the new out-of-printSelf-Portrait Photography: The Ultimate in Personal Expression.This brilliant, inspired book by Miss Aniela can still be found on Amazon and will make a great holiday git for someone—including yourself.











Here is today’s birthday self portrait for 2015. Self with gnome2

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