Lensbaby Trio 28 Lens for Micro Four-thirds

Today’s Post by Mark Toal

Lensbaby recently introduced the Trio 28, a new 3-in-1 lens for Sony, Fuji and Micro Four-thirds cameras. The Trio has a unique three-lens turret that allows you to choose from three lenses without taking the lens on and off the camera.

I have been shooting with one for about month and have fallen in love with it. My only problem is which lens to choose for a particular shot so I end up trying all three since it’s so easy to rotate the turret.

The three choices include the Twist, which gives you a sharp central point that goes to soft swirly edges. I like this one for portraits. It works best if there are trees or something busy in the far background as in the portrait of Ruth.

The next choice is a Velvet lens that gives a dreamy, slightly soft look, again sharper at the center and softer at the edges. I loved this for cars and airplanes because I feel that it gives a nostalgic feel to the image.

The third lens is the Sweet , which has been one of my favorite Lensbaby lenses for a long time in the standalone version. I love the sweet for portraits like the photo of the baby or the chicken image.

For under $300 you get three creative lens that are nothing but fun to use. Check out the video on their web site at Lensbaby Trio 28.