It’s Fisheye Friday with Lensbaby

Today’s Post by Mark Toal

I took this photo using a Lensbaby Fisheye lens on my Lumix GF6 camera. The great, wonderful and fantastic people at Lensbaby loaned me the Micro Four-thirds version of the fisheye lens to try out since I own the Nikon version that I use with my mirrorless camera by attaching a MFT to Nikon adapter.


This is a manual focus lens with a 5.8mm focal length that has an aperture range of f/3.5 to f/22 and captures a 180 degree angle-of-view. It features a close focusing range starting at 0.25-inch going to infinity, while providing expansive depth-of-field. This Lensbaby lens doesn’t bend, so the fisheye image is always centered within the frame.

Since the Lensbaby Fisheye lens was originally designed for a cameras that have APS-C sensor size, it will not give you a full circular fisheye effect when used with a Micro Four-thirds camera body—as you see clearly in this photo. and that’s fine with me because I prefer the non-circular image because it looks more like an extreme wide-angle photo.