It’s All About The Darkness

Today’s post by Mark Toal


This time of year in the Portland, Oregon, where I live, the days get very short and frequently rainy. A lot of people, me included, get depressed due to the lack of light. It has an official name, Seasonally Affected Disorder or SAD. I used to mope around thinking about the long days that won’t be back for seven months, which only made me feel worse.


Taking a photograph that I like has always made me happy no matter what’s happening in my life so I decided to photograph the darkness. I headed down to see the SP&S 700, the steam train that I photograph here in Portland. A black train on a cold winter day; I found the darkness and it makes me happy.


If you suffer from SAD and feel like I do this time of year you also must get a light box to use in the morning. Don’t get a cheap knock off, read this article to understand why you need to invest in a good light to survive the winter.