Is the iPhone a Mirrorless Camera?

Today’s Post by Jamie Zartman

Mark Toal often write here about his experiences making photographs with his iPhone and did here recently. Joe’s friend Ralph Nelson, produced an impressive coffee table book called Botanica , using nothing but his iPhone. So to answer my own question, “maybe it is…”

I was thinking about this regarding some photos I took in Niwot, Colorado over Father’s Day. Driving through Niwot, I literally stopped in my tracks, and took some photos, however, I took them with my iPhone.

The photos are of some sculptures done insitu on some cottonwood stumps and the quality and character of the sculptures is remarkable. The artist, Eddie Running Wolf, is apparently quite reclusive, to the extent that a documentary short film “Searching for Eddie Running Wolf” was made a few years ago.



After viewing the photos, I felt the subject matter was best captured in a more antique style and post processing in Silver Efex Pro was easy, despite not photographing the photos in RAW (something I need to remember for future iPhone photos, if I want to do much in post).
Selecting a preset in Silver Efex, I adjusted the yellow and orange sliders a bit to shift the yellow tone of the photos. I will close with a close crop of a message at the base of one of the sculptures and suggest that you don’t become one of those photographers who sees something interesting and doesn’t stop, only to regret it later.