How I Made: Rat Rod in Black & White


Two weeks ago I didn’t even know what a Rat Rod was and now here I am in a garage in Hood River, Oregon photographing one being built.

For this image I used the Panasonic GH4 with the 12-32mm Lumix lens. I captured the image directly in black and white in camera using the ‘Monochrome’ setting mode. I added a little bit of warmth in the GH4’s monochrome options. I wanted to learn about the car and the guys building it and not have to concentrate on the camera settings so I set the GH4 to Program mode and ISO 400.

I like setting the GH4 or any mirrorless camera to black and white because you get to see it in the viewfinder or on the LCD. Subjects like old cars just look so perfect in black and white. –Mark Toal

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