Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 – Op/tech Wrist Straps

Today’s post by Mark Toal

I’m a sucker for a new camera strap, but I keep coming back to the OP/tech straps. There are a lot of wrist straps these days made of everything from Water Buffalo to custom made Lance string straps. I have friends that swear by these straps. I’ve tried them and the Op/Tech wrist strap ends up back on my camera every time.

Large Op-Tech wrist strap[2]

These Neoprene straps came is two sizes, large for cameras like my Lumix GH4 and small for my Lumix LX-7. The Neoprene is flexible and comfortable to wear for long periods. They are also easy to remove in case you want to change to a shoulder strap. Op/tech is located in Montana where they make 90% of their products.


Part of the reason that I use small mirrorless cameras is that I have a bad back so carrying a camera on my neck or shoulder for very long is uncomfortable. The wrist strap still provides the security I want and the camera is also ready to use in a second.