Hidden Gems: Tamrac’s Goblin Lens Pouch

Today’s Post by Mark Toal

Hidden gems to me are small things that make your life easier. The Tamrac Goblin lens pouches fit this description perfectly. They are inexpensive, small and hard to live without. I know that some manufactures lenses come with a soft case for the lens when you buy them and I’ve used those for years.

Tamrac orange lens

When I saw the Orange and Blue Tamrac Goblin bags in various sizes I immediately bought three of them. Keep in mind that I’m a sucker for anything orange or Pumpkin as Tamrac calls them, but these are very useful. Not only are they made better to withstand moisture and dust than the manufactures bags they are much easier to find against a black car interior or camera bag.

The larger bags will also hold a small mirrorless camera like the Lumix GX85 or GM series. I carry one in my pocket in case it starts to rain here in Portland. They also are available in blue or green or Ocean and Kiwi in Tarmac terms.