HDR Revisited

Today’s Post by Mark Toal

I don’t usually think of myself as an HDR photographer but I frequently get asked, or it’s assumed that my images are HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is usually associated with one image made from several different images shot at different exposures.

Rat Rod HDR

I used to do a fair amount of “traditional” multi-exposure HDR but I got tired of dealing with the multiple images and alignment problems. I find that I can now achieve a similar affect using Adobe Lightroom by reducing highlights, increasing shadows and adding clarity.

HDR Lightroom only

The image of the car with the Speed Limit sign was only adjusted in Lightroom. The photo of the interior of the Rat Rod car was shot in bright sunlight in the early afternoon so it needed a little more than just Lightroom could do. After I apply the settings I mentioned in Lightroom I then open the image in HDR Efex Pro from Google and make a few more adjustments.