Finding a Project to Photograph

Today’s Post by Mark Toal

I guess I that I have a very short attention span since I seem to get tired of shooting the same things over and over. Once I’ve photographed something a few times I’m done with it. Long-term projects are a great way to find new things to photograph as well as learn something along the way.

Gary and Anthony

My current project is to photograph the building of a Rat Rod car for a competition. The car has to be built in 30 days for under $3000 and be able to drive 300 miles. I have a Panasonic G6 camera set up shooing a time lapse and then my partner Art Larsen and I go out every few days and photograph the progress.

When the competition is over in a few weeks I’ll post the time lapse sequence and more photos. After all we don’t want the competitors to get any tips!

My advice: Find something you want to learn about or just take photos of and approach the people in charge. They always want photographs.