2017 Changes and Blog by E-Mail

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strange)” —David Bowie

You will be seeing a few changes to the blog this year but one thing that hasn’t changed in the three years that Mark and I along with our talented band of photographers—Mildred Alpern, Jeff Farrell, Barry Staver, and Matt Staver—is that we deliver original content, not rumors or regurgitated press releases, Monday though Friday during that time. In 2017, we are pleased to be adding John Larsen a Toronto-based motorsports, travel and winter sports photographer to our team. Look for posts from John during the year.

We would like to welcome Panos FX to our blog as a new sponsor. Panos Efstathiadis is a talented designer and Photoshop expert who has produced some of the most impressive effects software I’ve ever tried. I’ve known Panos for many years and have always been impressed by his creative Photoshop actions that are available at very affordable prices. He even offers a bunch of free actions that you can try, so check out his website when you have time. If his ad isn’t up today it will be soon. If not click on the above image and it will take you to his site.

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Along with photographer and Mirrorless Photo Tips contributor Barry Staver, Joe is co-author of Better Available Light Digital Photography that’s now out-of-print but new copies are available at collector (high) prices or used copies for giveaway—less than a dollar—prices from Amazon.