Camera Readiness Includes a Strap

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

Op-techIt may seem obvious but it’s a good idea to carry your camera by its neck strap, or hey, maybe even wear it around your neck or shoulder. In some parts of the world, shoulder carry makes the camera vulnerable to theft, so be aware of what’s going on around you when finding yourself in dodgy surroundings.

The neck strap is part of the camera’s basic equipment and fulfills the important role of protecting the camera from being dropped. While you may protest, “this would never happen to me,” I saw it happen twice during a workshop in Montana. Both photographers were experienced and should have known better but I watched one drop an expensive pro digital SLR onto extremely rocky ground while we were traversing it. During that same workshop another photographer dropped a mid-level digital SLR. Both cameras were damaged and required expensive repair. Taking a few precautions such as simply using a camera strap not only protects your camera from harm but keeps you from looking like a bozo in front of your friends.

Using a strap not only makes carrying the camera easier, it increases your readiness to shoot. No fumbling around, just grab the camera and shoot. Even changing lenses is easier and safer—if the camera is securely attached around your neck. There is no right and wrong in strap lengths. The length of the strap should match your body (not the camera’s) and attaching the strap manufacturers is not all that hard. Make it part of your unboxing procedure when purchasing any new camera. If you’re tired of advertising your camera manufactures’ name on your strap and want something designed by people who know how to make rugged products take a look at this:

OP/TECH USA’s new Mirrorless Strap costs $20 and features a soft and comfortable neoprene pad backed with a non-skid surface. It attaches to a camera with two strong Mini Loop QD connectors and is adjustable to fit photographers of all sizes and shapes. The Mirrorless Strap is compatible with other of OP/TECH USA’s connectors so it can be used with other cameras or binoculars