Why I Love Mirrorless Cameras

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The reason I love shooting with mirrorless cameras doesn’t have anything to do with sensor size, megapixels, LCD’s, EVF’s or any of the technical specifications that people love to discuss. It’s all about the quality of the image that I get from a camera that I can always have with me.

When I shot with my Nikon SLR and one of its expensive lenses, it turned out that I never had it with me if I wasn’t going out to “shoot.” At a cost of almost $3000 it also never stayed in the car. So most of the time it lived safely inside my closet.

When I bought my first Panasonic Lumix G1 it changed the way that I take photos. Costing $700 including the lens, it was always with me or in the car. The smaller size made it easier to grab and take with me wherever I went. Almost overnight my photography style changed and that’s when I started my photo blog.




First Lumix Photo

I remember one of the first photos (above) that I made with the Lumix G1 was from the Steel Bridge here in Portland, Oregon. I was driving across and saw the grain ship being loaded. I had to get off the bridge and park about a mile away. I grabbed the lightweight Lumix G1 and walked back to the bridge to take the photo you see here. I realized that I wouldn’t have had my digital SLR on the seat next to me or wanted to walk a mile each way with it. When I got home and saw the image I was sold on mirrorless.


Megapixels and sensor size don’t matter if you miss the photo.—Mark Toal