What Are Your Sources of Inspiration?

Today’s Post by Joe Farace


Photographers get inspiration for their images from many different and different kinds of places. One of my friends finds it in the paintings og old world master; I get much the inspiration for many of my photographs from the movies.

When I watched the DVD of Frank Capra’s 1937 classic Lost Horizon I was struck not just by the elegant cinematography but also by looking at the still images that were shot on 4×5 film and used to illustrate a “making-of” video on the disc. This was truly the golden age of Hollywood still photography. Movie fans: The newly restored 80th Anniversary edition Blu-ray of Lost Horizon is available and it is stunning.

The above photograph was was shot using a mirrorless camera but what I saw on the LCD screen immediately caused me to think about Andrei Tarkovsky’s Russian film Solaris (not the more recent one starring George Clooney.) There are several scenes of a planet’s— called Solaris—surface in which swirling grasses are seen and it was those scenes that inspired me to make this image.




For another approach to creative inspiration, pick up a copy my friend Rick Sammon’s book Creative Visualization for Photographers, which is available from Amazon at an affordable price.