We’d Like You to Write for MPT

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

JoeJamieMark and I would like to thank Mildred Alpern, Barry Staver, Matt Staver and Jamie Zartman for their contributions. We could not operate this blog without their help.

Because a blog is like a living organism and constantly need to be fed we need to add to this roster of talented photographers. If you’re reading this blog regularly and are passionate about mirrorless photography, we would like you consider writing a blog post (or two) for us.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to contribute. The best way to start is by submitting a “How I Made…” kind of story in which you show an image and tell how and why you made it, mention the camera and lens used and maybe exposure if you’d like to share that information. Another approach is the “Hidden Gems” format talking about a piece of gear you can’t live without. Requirements are simple: About 200-300 words and one or two photographs with 800 pixels along the longest side.

We’re especially looking for photographers who shoot with Sony and Fuji cameras because posts about them are underrepresented because neither Mark or I own these cameras. But if you shoot Olympus or Panasonic, we’d still like to hear from you. Like the rest of us, there is no payment for your efforts but if you have a website, book, studio or anything else you would like to promote we’re glad to help.

Pleas note that we are not looking for fanboys who want to write about how much better their camera is than everybody else’s. Similarly, we’re not looking for employees or representatives of companies trying to sell their products; we’ll be glad to write a review of your product or sell you an ad; we have space for two more advertisers at  affordable prices.

If you would like to contribute, click on Contact and send me a link to your website or on-line portfolio and tell me about yourself. We’re especially interested in providing a showcase for photographers who haven’t received all the recognition they think they deserve. Age, sex, race or creed don’t matter; all that matters is that you’re crazy about mirrorless photography—just like the rest of us.

Coming Soon: Barry and I have recorded another video podcast and it will be posted soon. Right now, he is in Scandinavia with his son Michael and they are photographing the Northern Lights. Stand-by for Live from Studio B, Part 2 and Barry promised to have “two or more posts” about his trip in the near future. To give you a preview, here’s an image of Aurora Borealis that Barry e-mailed me today.