Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties that, we think, were caused by recent software updates. All of the text remains OK and easy to read but images are distorted. We are working with the template software developers to resolve the issue.

Update: Because so many people worked so hard on their posts, I am going to manually  correct all if the images on posts going forward and then work my way backward fixing them while a more permanent solution is found.

The good news is that our Webmaster, Tim Fiedler, is working on the solution; the bad news is that because we did not meet our fundraising goal, we don’t have enough funds in our PayPal account to pay him. As much as I would like to pay for this out of my own pocket as I have many times in the past, I can’t. At the risk of talking out of school, my November income was zero dollars and much like Blanche DuBois, this blog has to “depend on the kindness of strangers.”

As soon as Tim has fixed the problem; this post will disappear.