Keeping Cameras and Lenses Clean

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

“A clean camera is a happy camera”—Joe Farace

I’ve been using LensPen products for a long time, for almost all of the twenty-five years they’ve been in production and keep one in each of my camera bags. Yup, for 25 years LensPens have been helping me and other photographers keep their cameras, binoculars and lenses clean. As digital imaging replaced film, the company introduced models specifically to clean LCD screens, compact camera lenses, viewfinders and filters were added to the product line.

LensPen’s Photo-Pro Kit ($34.99) includes everything photographers and outdoor enthusiasts need to keep their lenses clean and images sharp. The kin includes an original LensPen for cleaning cameraa including mirrorless and Micro Four-thirds cameraa and lenses, and a MiniPro for the lenses on GoPro and other action cameras. A MicroKlear microfiber cloth for is also included, as well as a nylon bag that can be carried on a belt or backpack.

Both the Original LensPen and MiniPro clean in two simple steps. You use the retractable natural brush to remove any loose dust. If fingerprints remain, twist the cap off the other end and use the carbon-impregnated cleaning tip to completely clean the lens. The carbon compound that’s used in LensPen products is similar to one found in printer’s ink. The twist-action cap is important for two reasons: it re-charges the carbon compound on the cleaning tip, and it ensures that the cap won’t pop off in a pocket or camera bag.

LensPen products are also environmentally friendly and safe to use. There’s no expiration date and they perform well in arctic heat and desert cold.

PS. LensPen has kindly donated some of these kits that will be used as prizes in our new Wordless Wednesday feature to reward photographers whose images have the highest number of page views over a two-week period. Thanks to LensPen for their kind donations.