Feedback on Fundraiser

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

Because I don’t want to be beating that same poor horse, if you haven’t seen the final results of our fundraiser, click this link to our Thanksgiving blog post. What I’d like to talk about today is some of the feedback we got from readers about the fundraiser and then I want to ask you all a question or two. First, Here’s what some MPT readers had to say about the fundraiser:

“I like this approach, it’s better than using Patreon.”

“I don’t like this fundraiser.” We got a few of these.

“How far from reaching your goal are you? I made a donation, but want you to be able to continue.” Thanks for the kind thoughts and the answer is here.

Then we got suggestions on how to raise operating funds for 2018:

“Consider a small ‘handling’ fee for participants on Wordless Wed.” As I mentioned last week the number of entries for Wordless Wednesday has tapered off and only a recent series of images from a reader kept it from fading away. Charging people a few bucks to post their images probably won’t increase that number, at least in my opinion. What do you think?

And then there was this:

“I think some type of paid subscription to this valuable information and blog would be a solution to meeting the business goals. (You can) offer an extra bonus element or something extra.”

I’d like to know your feelings about having a affordably priced (and voluntary) annual membership fee while maintaining free and total access for anyone to the blog each day, sorta like PBS does. There will a premium offered for subscribing plus substantial (40%) discounts to workshops, seminars or PhotoWalks. Click the Contact tab above and tell me what you think of this idea. Is it good? Is it bad? You don’t care?

As I mentioned, I’ve covered all of this blog’s expenses since it’s beginning four years ago but can no longer afford to do so, hence the fundraiser. This year was the first time we had paid advertisers and their help was important to keeping us going. Let’s hope they renew and we are always looking for new advertisers. If we had five paying advertisers, we would never need contributions for 2018. If you know a photo related company, including camera stores or photo labs or specialty product manufacturer, please have them e-mail me through the Contact tab above. If you would like to know how much an ad is, contact me and Ill be glad to tell you via e-mail how much (really, little) and ad costs.

As always thanks for reading.